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 Wildlife Critter Care, Inc (WLCC) is a nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife, with the goal of returning them to their natural habitat.  We maintain a network of rehabilitators throughout Arizona.  We work closely with animal shelters, humane societies, wildlife groups, nature centers and veterinary hospitals to provide care to helpless creatures in need.

Animals are brought to us by agencies such as zoo's, Animal Control, Department of Game and Fish and concerned citizens like yourself.  The Animals we receive are usually victims of man and civilization.  They are injured by guns, rocks, cars or domestic animals and are starving, dehydrated, orphaned or homeless.  We provide medical treatment and care to enable them to regain their health and be returned to the wild.

We do not charge for our services -- we operate strictly through donations.  Every penny raised by donations goes directly to support Wildlife Critter Care, Inc.  and it's efforts to provide immediate assistance, medical care, rehabilitation, release of wildlife and education for the public.

We need volunteers to care for wildlife, answer phones, transport animals and supplies, present educational programs, build cages, raise funds, etc.  Whatever your availability time and capabilities, the WLCC welcomes all who support the preservation of wildlife as supporters and or members.

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Wild Life Critter Care offers a variety of services from:



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